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The Bible material in this Archive is provided as a service to anyone interested in an in-depth study of God’s wonderful word. It is not intended to be a substitute for fulfilling God’s command to assemble together with other Christians to worship Him in spirit and truth, to stir each other up to love and good works, and to study the Bible, as found in passages of Scripture like Jn 4:24; Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 11:23-29; 14:15; 16:1,2, and Heb 10:24,25. We encourage each Christian who is physically able to do so to gather together with like-minded brethren for each worship assembly on Sunday and for each Bible class on Sunday, Wednesday, or other days of the week, as scheduled by the local church.
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4-Dec-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Esau 04 December 2022 2
4-Dec-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Paul's Appeal for Unity 04 December 2022 2
30-Nov-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength To Overcome The Problems Of Life 30 November 2022 7
27-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Hezekiah 27 November 2022 14
27-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Prepare Your Fallow Ground 27 November 2022 16
23-Nov-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength By Adding The Christian Virtues 23 November 2022 15
20-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: God's Plan for Families 20 November 2022 16
16-Nov-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength From Worship as God Demands 16 November 2022 23
13-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Solomon, The Rise and Fall in Power 13 November 2022 29
13-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Are You Being Conformed or Transformed 13 November 2022 28
6-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Saul 06 November 2022 38
6-Nov-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: King Amaziah - Not with a Loyal (Whole) Heart 06 November 2022 34
30-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Jehoiakim, Who Showed Brazen Disrespect For The Word Of God 30 October 2022 32
30-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Are You Presenting a Living Sacrifice 30 October 2022 39
26-Oct-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength From Husbands/Fathers 26 October 2022 38
23-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Jehu, A King Governed By Policy, Not Principle 23 October 2022 46
23-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: What Can I Do? 23 October 2022 47
19-Oct-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength From Wives/Mothers 19 October 2022 46
16-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Jereboam, Ambitious King Who Caused All Israel To Sin 16 October 2022 54
16-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Paul's I Am's 16 October 2022 56
12-Oct-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength from Great Biblical Examples 12 October 2022 58
9-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Rehoboam, The Last Monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel 09 October 2022 55
9-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Enigma of Faith 09 October 2022 50
2-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Malachi, A Negative And Positive Preacher 02 October 2022 65
2-Oct-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Seek God and Live 02 October 2022 53
28-Sep-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: A Provider Of Strength–The Christian Home 28 September 2022 101
25-Sep-2022: Sunday Morning Bible Class : Jonah, Who Was Angered By His Preaching's Success 25 September 2022 67
25-Sep-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Resolving Conflict 25 September 2022 61
21-Sep-2022: Wednesday Bible Class: Strength From Godly Families, As God Desires 21 September 2022 63
18-Sep-2022: Sunday Morning Assembly: Understanding the Mission of Christ 18 September 2022 67
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